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Let us sell your RV


We don't make a cent if we don't sell your RV

The Consignment program is very simple and why you should consider it.

-- We do a market analysis for your RV.
-- We agree on a price or a % of the selling price

-- We do all the paperwork.

-- We help the new owner with financing.

-- We can offer extended warranties.

-- We have a gated lot for your RV.

-- We try to sell the unit in 90 days.

---We have more prospective buyers when you consign with us.

--Thousands pass by our lot daily seen off I-23.

--We advertise in various print publications, and internet websites.
(Type in Google - RV Broker- and see how powerfull is our web site)

--Buyers are escorted and we point out features of your RV.

--No strangers come to your home and no more no shows.

-- We have mature associates that love what they are doing and have enjoyed the RV life style.

The programs work because we take in a limited number of units and work on selling them.

Here is what you have to do for us to consign your RV

--Call and make an appointment to bring in your RV to our sales location.

--We will inspect your RV

--Complete a simple consignment agreement your price  and features of your RV.

--Bring your title, registration and proof of insurance

Batteries must be current and be able to start the RV (winter and summer)

--Remove all your personal items that you want to keep.

--Dump your holding tanks, 1/2  tank fuel and propane 

--We can make it shine! Cleaning services for interior & exterior are available on our lot.

--Repair service is available at our large onsite service facility if needed. We have qualified service technicians

--After we sell your RV, you will get a call to come in and pick up your Check. 

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